Myrna Corvidae

Daughter of Davy Jones


Name: Myrna Corvidae
Divine Parent: Davy Jones
XP: 70

Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Stamina 5XXXX
Social: Charisma 5XX, Manipulation 5XX, Appearance 3XX
Mental: Perception 3X, Intelligence 4X, Wits 3X
(Speaks: English)
Abilities: Academics 3, Alertness 2, Animal Ken, Architecture 3, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Culinary 1, Defense, Diplomacy 1, Engineering 1, Empathy 2, Etiquette 2, Finance 1, Fortitude 1, Intimidation, Investigation 1, Larceny, Law 3, Leadership 1, Marksmanship 1, Medicine 2, Melee, Metalsmithing, Occult 5, Performance Art 2, Politics 1, Ride, Sail 3, Seduction, Stealth 1, Stonework 3, Streetwise, Subterfuge 1, Survival 1, Textiles 1, Thrown, Visual Art 2, War 1, Woodwork 3
Legend: 4
Virtues: Duty, Endurance, Intellect, Valor

Purviews: Death XX, Prophecy XX, Water XX


City of mourning, city of burial, city of eternal rest.

City Name: Olenheim

Description: The city of the dead lies between the Spine and the inner sea, on a relatively narrow plain. The city is elevated on raised cliffs, and the docks are connected to the above town by elevators and wooden staircases. An old city, as far as anyone can tell the city has existed since the American Empire of old.
The city of final rest, the last port, is where people (especially goblins) come to die. The outskirts of the city are a perpetually expanding cemetery, with mausoleums and tombs built to help the dead rest in peace. Some tombs are large, rising to heaven and taking the space of a small town, other graves are little more than a placard.
The city of Olenheim can easily be divided into 3 sections. They are, in order of importance, the city of the dead, the city of the living, and the dockyards down the cliffs. The city of the living is a tight, narrow, even cramped circle of buildings, held in by the ever expanding cemeteries. The buildings are tall and built of dark grey stone, with leering gargoyles and enough black and skull motifs to give an army of goths a case of eyesore.

Olenheim is a living city of humans, but keeps a steady population of elderly Dwarfs and Goblins. The city has a steady contingent of travelers from around the Inner Sea.

Government: Olenheim began as a cemetery that spawned a government out of necessity.
• Grave robbing is a capital offense in Olenheim.
• Necromancy or disturbing the dead is a capital offense.
• Comparatively crimes against the living are usually resolved with fines, labor, or banishment.

Gods: In Olenheim, the gods receive their due, but reverence is reserved for the dead.
• Lesser
o Forest/Marsh God-
o Mountain God-
• Major
o Davy Jones
o Greenbeard
o Kumo
o Natalya
o Shaka

Myrna Corvidae

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