Goddess of Southbrook; Daughter of the Silver Forest


An experimental build, to 71 XP, She has no listed parent, so a properly built god would likely have slightly more dots.

I started her with 35 dots of abilities compared to the 25 I used in Amatsukami.

Physical: Strength 3X, Dexterity 2X, Stamina 5XXX
Social: Charisma 5X, Manipulation 1, Appearance 5XX
Mental: Perception 3X, Intelligence 3XX, Wits 3X
(Speaks: English)
Abilities: Academics 3, Alertness 2, Animal Ken 3, Architecture 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Culinary 2, Defense 1, Diplomacy 2, Engineering 1, Empathy 1, Etiquette 2, Finance 1, Fortitude 2, Intimidation, Investigation 1, Larceny, Law 1, Leadership 1, Marksmanship 1, Medicine 5, Melee 1, Metalsmithing 1, Occult 1, Performance Art 4, Politics 1, Ride 2, Sail, Seduction 3, Stealth 1, Stonework 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge, Survival 2, Textiles 1, Thrown 1, Visual Art 1, War 1, Woodwork 1
Legend: 2

Purviews: Health XX, Animal (Rhino) XX, Earth X


City State:
People/History The people of Southbrook are incredibly healthy, while some overindulge in various substance (Opium, marijuana, and alcohol are both legal in the city and surrounding countryside.) most people take pains to stay fit and healthy. Most are tall, women average nearly 5’10”, with most men over six feet. Dark hair is the norm, with eyes of an grey blue. Men and women lean to broad shoulder builds. Most members of Southbrook tend to be tan.

Government and society: Southbrook is a matriarchal society, ruled by a queen with the throne passing from mother to eldest daughter. Complicating matters is the Assembly, the democratic forum of the city.
Southbrook Democracy in Practice
1. Men, slaves, children, and resident aliens do not have citizenship and cannot vote or speak in the Assembly.
2. Only Adult (over 30) women are allowed to vote, as only women over thirty are citizens. (Exception see “war at the bottom of the page.”)
3. While the Assembly is referred to as one entity it is actually a series of 3 different bodies, each drastically smaller than the previous. The three courts are Rook, Bishop, Knight. With Knight being the highest court/assembly (numbering only 12 members, and Rook Being the lowest, but numbering every adult woman in the city/queendom.)
While government and military are primarily (cough exclusively) female dominated, most industries are co gender and a predominant number of farmers, miners, lumberjacks are male.

Law, Crime, and Slavery: Southbrook does not have a prison system. It has a small handful of jail cells to keep drunks, tavern brawlers, or the occasional serious criminal, but no permanent housing for a large criminal class.
There is no death penalty in Southbrook, no flogging or other violent punishment. Minor crimes (Petty theft, brawling, public intoxication, public disturbance, childish vandalism) are almost always met with either minor fines or community service. Moderate crimes (assault, manslaughter, major theft, rape, debt/bankruptcy) usually end in serious fines, and perhaps a sentence as a debt slave. Major crimes (murder, kidnapping, damaging/stealing from a temple, assaulting a priest) almost always lead to being sold as an exile slave. Visitors to the city are held to the same standards as citizens, but do not have the option of becoming a citizen slave.
Debt slave debtslaves are the city’s way of dealing with its mid-level criminals. Often sold to shops, farms, or temples the debt slave is essentially an indentured servant for a number of months or years (rarely less than six months, rarely longer than five years). After their term is up the slave reverts to being either a full citizen, or civilian again. Native subjects who fall into debt can earn money by selling themselves to the Throne for a set length of time. While normally debtslaves are forbidden to leave the Queendom with the approval of the Throne they can be sold away, though once their sentence is up they are allowed to return (although laws or their en-slavers wherever they were sold may make this difficult).
Exile slaves are sold to goblin slavers and forbidden to return. Goblins usually pay a decent price for them: natives of Southbrook tend to be attractive, healthy, few have combat training, and many are educated to at least basic literacy standards, meaning there’s a market across the entire inner sea. Visitors and resident aliens who are sentenced to slavery always become exile slaves.

At War:
Southbrook is almost entirely a land based military. With elite soldiers forming the Hornguard (a mix of heavy infantry and Rhino cavalry), and regular units of light infantry/archers (light armor, bows, shortswords) scouting the way. The Queendom prefers to field a small, well trained, and well equipped army over a large rabble.
Men who choose a life of military service (men cannot be drafted), form a medium infantry (medium armor, shield, sword, javelin) that supports the Hornguard. Men who serve 10 years in the military can become citizens. In lieu of becoming a citizen a man can retire and receive a small pension for the rest of his life, or serve 20 years to gain the pension and citizenship. These infantry units are called Auxiliaries.
Resident aliens who choose to serve in the Queendom military join the Auxiliaries (be they man, woman, dwarf, orc…) and after serving for twenty years may choose between becoming a citizen, or receiving a parcel of land to farm in the form of a pension.

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